Character Buffing system

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Character Buffing system

Post by Zakumei47 on Thu Jun 02, 2016 1:59 pm

So this was an idea I'd had a while back, and it honestly sounded pretty cool.

As everyone who's been playing Byond a long time would know, all the different races in SS13, excluding humans, have some sort of special ability and disability compared to humans and other races (IE: Tajarans are Kenyan-Fast, but they take brute damage as well as a piece of sugar-glass. Unathi deal  a lot of brute damage and are physically resilient, but they have livers like a college freshman). This in mind, I thought it would be rather interesting if we could have a mod on the character creation options that allowed players to put custom strengths AND weaknesses on their character (not unlike the point value system for the starting load-out, and not dissimilar to the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system from Fallout 3).
Tell me what you think.


this isn't just so characters can be made superhuman to shit, the buff would be very low-key, and primarily for RP purposes. Some characters have gene-mod in their backstory, or have certain background points that would explain a different vulnerability, strength, etc. (For example, my character Natalie was supposed to be used in a thermonuclear war as a radiation hardened, terrain resilient and extremely fast super-soldier, but was repossessed by NATO and put into a deep-freeze for nearly a century, so now she has radiation hardened cells, moves really fast, but has no war-based uses for it. None the less, its an interesting and potentially usable part of her backstory, and so, it ought to reflect in her character play)

Tell me what you think, and give me your ideas, if any, on how the system should work.

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