Most awesome/hilarious thing that ever happened to you on SS13

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Most awesome/hilarious thing that ever happened to you on SS13

Post by BlackAce on Sat Apr 30, 2016 1:00 pm

I have one, it was a rev round on LLA server, where I used to play all the time.

So, I was one of 3-4 head revs, and whenever I play a antag I always play it sneaky in a sense. So I flashed like 2 people and they went and did their things with the other heads revs while I kept running around looking for more. One of those I flashed was pretty good, always finding me to give me reports..
Anyways, while I was doing my things, apparently all the head revs and revs managed to get killed or loyal implanted. Including that person, who still went to me and told me what happened before leaving. So, I hadn't even done it yet. But I spammed all my antag points on a revolver and ammo for it and I ran for the last head alive: The Captain.

He was taunting me on comms, telling me to just surrender because he was surrounded with like.. 4-5 sec officers all fully armed while standing around in the bar. So, I put on assistant clothes and a gasmask and I ran there. Stun projectiles, laser projectiles, revolver bullets were flying all around while sec was running after me while I was trying to avoid it all and hit the captain. I spent all ammo on my revolver before being stunned . Only a single bullet hit the captain while he was in captain armor, in the head. He fell down and started gasping. Someone picked up the revolver I dropped when stunned and aimed it point blank at my head (which makes it a instakill) but then *click*...

And the captain succumbed. Rev victory.

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