Anlysis: Khalila Sithis (formally Bishara)

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Anlysis: Khalila Sithis (formally Bishara)

Post by Capt Matt4 on Wed Mar 23, 2016 5:18 pm

//Audio Log//

"So we've noted this Tajara, Khalila was her name? When we first hired her she was incredibly optimistic about helping people and being a doctor, especially since finding a career was.. Well.. Difficult. Khalila's security record is one hundred spotless, she has never harmed a soul and has never be incarcerated. Nearly 8 months ago she gave birth to a son. Recently however we have been noting that her mental state has been rapidly deteriorating, having not seen her 'mate' in some time, as well still thinking about her husband before, and now she is taking care of.. What was his fuckin' name... Adam?.. No.."

-Shifting paper-

"Adan.. So NT has noted that Khalila has been very stressed as of late and we have decided that we are going to be watching her in case she does something drastic. She is a brilliant doctor and she has managed to save countless lives, the amount of lives lost under her watch can be counted on one hand, it would be a shame to lose her."
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