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Camera logs

Post by BlackAce on Sun Feb 21, 2016 11:14 pm

Footage from the camera in CT's Chief Medical Officer's office.

Josh was pacing around in his office, tapping his chin, looking deep in thought.
He kept staring down at the floor ahead of each step, taken carefully. Stopping to turn around everytime he was near hitting his desk or the reinforced window leading to the station's medical ward. Where we could see geneticists, medical officers and so on go about their work. Some holding documents and meeting diverse patients.

"I don't know what to do with him.." He mutters, stopping near his desk to look at the files layed in front of him. The folder simply titled "Madoka Koto"
"He seemed to finally be on the right path, then this mess happens! Why did we even hire this guy in the first place? And who thought he'd be a good replacement to the current captain! It's like replacing some crazy person by a worse one!"
Josh then went silent, noticing he was talking loudly to no one once again, he stares over at the papers, taking one of the last pages of the document.
"And then this, this stupid.. What was it Dave guy? He takes drugs, and releases that sergal while he was in the patient ward. And then he turns on rave music loudly.. At least he managed to drug Madoka before leaving to get captured by the crew at Yawn. It took the engineers a whole day just to fix all the equipment that rabid thing destroyed."

He sighed softly, before a knocking is heard, it was the psychiatrist. The CMO opened his airlock, the large glass door sliding open with a noisy woosh. "Hey Josh" The psychiatrist said.
- "Hello Ronald, any news on the guy?"
- "Yeah, he seems calm now. Gave him his ecig and now he's reading a book."
- "Well, that's some good news. Good job Ron." The chief invited him in his room before the airlock would close.
- "Thanks, we're up to our 12th session I think, he seems to be making good progress. I think he'll be fit for duty once more soon enough.. Without requiring medication." He soon stepped inside, the airlock shutting off behind him.

End of camera log

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