Personal Logs from Swer Vel

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Personal Logs from Swer Vel

Post by WinterSlave on Sun Feb 21, 2016 10:34 pm

( This is just something I personally decided to do for my entertainment. All for Swer Vel for when I get around to it. As such, here we go. Think this to be as a compilation of private logs. Nanotrasen would have access to these, of course, as it is uploaded to their database. )

~:Logged: Swer Vel. First Log. Location: Yawn Wider Station:~

Take it easy, here. Nothing wrong will go on! Nanotrasen loves to pull pranks on me, anymore. Maybe that's because I'm not even human. But, yet again, barely any of us on this station, Yawn Wider? are human. The captain's a psychotic shark bitch. Engineers aren't always the brightest. Me? I'm often the only one in the science crew. Every day is all the same, yet all different. Daetalus Drones malfunction, Space Carp show up, I die then get cloned, get no thanks for my work. Did I mention occasional raids by either Xenomorphs or Syndicate? No? Oh well. It was after going home one shift from this station that I found my family dead under Syndicate feet. I never did find my sister's body. Susanna. The human doctors helped with the name. I did, however, find her collar; it's something she never leaves her bed without. ...I miss everyone. My mother. Father. Brother.... my sister. My sister of all people, I miss. For some reason, though, I feel she's still alive. Maybe I'll go back home. Maybe she'll be there, wondering where everyone is. See the bodies of those three Syndicates with the plasma holes in their chests and heads. No. I'm overthinking.

Back to the station: I feel useless, here. It's a thankless job, it feels like. I only get thanks when I give someone a toy to play with. To abuse on me. Zeta especially. Did I mention Zeta? She decided to abuse my trust in her drunken stupor. I have never felt so useless before. Not ever like I was a piece of shit like I was there. We found an abandoned outpost with a torture or sex dungeon of kinds on the asteroid. I found, rather. I work multiple jobs upon the Yawn Wider station when I'm able. As such, I found that outpost. I was told not to show her it. I showed her it. Now I regret it. Even though it was my fault, I feel she took full advantage of me. In my honesty, I somehow enjoyed it. I enjoyed the dress. Some degrees of the pain. Her utmost dominance. But... she had to ruin all of that and call me a dog. I would have forgave her for all of that! If she didn't call me a dog, beating me as she does it. Taunting me. The sharkbitch taunted me as if I was just another of her sluts. And she knows all that I have been through. If she doesn't remember from all the times she has been cloned, then fuck me down to hell. I deserve hell after what happened on this day, and all that I enjoyed it.

Maybe that Research Director job is not such a bad idea, after all. I get to have my own office, and access to every portion of science. Not only that, but I get a Hardsuit. They're amazing to have, but they restrict the ability to put on a satchel. I'm a pretty good exosuit pilot while I'm at it. My only issue is that if someone knows more than me, I have to step down. Good luck to me for another few months on the Yawn Wider station.

February 21, 2566.
Swer Vel


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